Housing Authority

The Housing Authority, by definition, is a “public housing agency established (a) by exercise of a Tribes’ powers of self-government independent of State Law or (b) by operation of State Law providing specifically for housing authorities for Indians.”

In all instances, however, the Indian Township Housing Authority acts as a community agency that should work closely with other community improvement organizations involved in providing better housing for low-income families, eliminating substandard housing, effective housing code enforcement, and uplifting and encouraging self-improvement of the community’s low-income families.  The Indian Township Housing Authority operates under a financial assistance contract with the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), a Federal Agency, and works closely with HUD in the development and operation of the Indian Township’s Housing Authority’s programs.

 Dawn Tomah – Executive Director 
P.O. Box 99, U.S. Route 1, Princeton, ME 04668
Telephone: (207) 796-8004, Fax: (207) 796-8019

Peskotomuhkati Motahkomikuk