Tribal Council

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Passamaquoddy Tribal Council is to serve tribal members, to preserve our Native cultural values, to protect our sovereign and inherent rights, to promote our social, economic, and political progress by encouraging strong leadership and building
upon our collective wisdom.


  • To promote pride on the part of the Passamaquoddy People in
    their heritage and traditions;
  • To promote the physical, economic, and social well-being of the Passamaquoddy People;
  • To discourage and overcome racial prejudice and the inequities which such prejudices create; and
  • To promote good government by reminding those who govern and those governed of their joint and mutual responsibilities.

Tribal Council Members:

 Term of Office 10/2/2020 through 9/30/2024

Matthew Dana II

Mihku Sabattus

Richard Sabattus I

Term of Office 10/1/2022 through 10/1/2026

Wade Lola 

Roger Socobasin

Alexander Nicholas I

Peskotomuhkati Motahkomikuk