Social Services

Passamaquoddy Tribal Social Services provides a variety of programs to the Community designed for the aid, care and protection of its members:  children, adults, and elders- whether as an individual or family unit.

General Assistance:   This State program is designed to provide temporary
financial assistance to all eligible community members residing on the Indian
Township Reservation.  By aiding with the costs of basic needs such as food, electricity, heating and shelter, the GA program aims to promote personal growth, enhance family unity, and stabilize economic and social liabilities while reducing possible anxiety and depression that often accommodates those most in need.

Child Welfare: 

Purpose of Program:

The purpose of the Child Welfare Department is to ensure that children are in a
safe and stable home environment, free from abuse and neglect by investigating
all complaints that come into the Department. The Department also has prevention
services such as respite, child care, and summer camp sponsorships in the event
a family is in need of these types of services. The department also utilizes
outside agencies to access services such as counseling, parenting classes,
substance abuse and housing by making referrals to agencies that can provide
these types of services.


The department is responsible for the investigation of all complaints of abuse/neglect.

  •  Primary focus is to maintain stability and integrity of Indian homes.
  •  Removal of children in cases where the child is in imminent danger and the parent/guardian is unable or unwilling to protect the child at risk with focus on keeping children within the immediate family if possible.
  •  Any person may make a report of child abuse/neglect, “If they have a reasonable suspicion that a child is being abused in Indian Country.”  State Mandated
    Reporters, (any individual; professional or para-professional, who has regular
    contact with or control over children or who is responsible for the delivery of
    services to children), are required to call, when they have a reasonable
    that abuse or neglect may have or could occur in Indian Country.
  • Reports may be anonymous.
  • Investigations involving criminal activities are referred to the proper agency of prosecution and jointly investigated.
  • All reports are confidential as are results of investigations.
  • The department does not get involved in domestic difficulty or uncontrollable child situations.


Peskotomuhkati Motahkomikuk