Emergency Rental Assistance

Indian Township Tribal Government has received an allocation of funds from the Emergency Rental Assistance program due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Eligibility of Emergency Rental Assistance will be determined via the attached form below:

Emergency Rental Assistance

** All applications should be returned to Denise Polches by February 24, 2021 for the initial round of rental assistance. **

Information and Opportunity to start a Childcare Business

*** This Application Deadline closes in a week and a half ***
Through the Child Care Business Lab, we’re helping entrepreneurs start new, quality child care businesses in underserved areas of Maine.
The Child Care Business Lab is an intensive cohort-based program that gives entrepreneurs the tools to start a successful small business, helps them refine their child care/early childhood education philosophy, and guides them through the licensing process. Designed as an experiential leadership opportunity, the Child Care Business Lab will provide participants with a blueprint for a high-quality, financially viable child care business.
We are working with people interested in starting a non-profit, for-profit, co-op, or shared model child care enterprise.
Apply now for our next class which starts in March 2021

More information here:

Application link:


Notice to the Community:

Maine Indian Education is seeking an experienced special educator to join a team of two other special education teachers at Indian Township School in Princeton. The teacher will provide direct instruction to primary age students who have behavioral and/or learning challenges. Prefer a teacher who also holds regular education teaching Endorsement 029: Early Elementary Teacher K-3 or Endorsement 020: Elementary Teacher K-8. Teacher must be a team player willing to plan and carry out behavioral programming under the guidance of a behavioral analyst. The teacher will be a case manager of a small group of primary age students, and must know how to organize and supervise the work of aides. Teacher must be detail oriented, an independent worker, and be able to consistently produce accurate and timely IEP paperwork according to MUSER and federal regulations.

Employees must submit to substance abuse testing as required by the school committee.

Submit and application to:

Ronald D. Jenkins, Superintendent of Schools
Maine Indian Education
39A Union Street
Calais, ME. 04619
Applications are available at http://www.mie.bie.edu/

Accepting Applications until Friday, October 17 at 3:30 p.m.

Native American Preference/Equal Opportunity Employer

Notice to the Community


February 13, 2014 is 180 days from the 2014 Caucus which will be held on Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at 6:00 pm, at the Passamaquoddy Tribal Office at the Indian Township Reservation.

Caucus Rules–pursuant to Interim Election Ordinances (IEO)

1. Must be at least 18 years of age(IEO-pg 1, Const- pg 14)

2. On the Census at Indian Township(IEO-pg 1, Const- pg 14)

3. Reside within the service area for the preceding 180 days (IEO-pg 1)

4. No felons maybe candidates for office (IEO-pg 2, Const-pg 15)

5. Tribal members must be present to be nominated (IEO-pg 3)

6. No Tribal Member shall be a candidate for more than one elected office of the Tribe or hold more than one elected office……at the same time (Const-pg 15)


Required by the Interim Election Ordinance only for the office of Governor  and Lt. Governor (IEO-pg 3 Section 7)


Posted 02/07/14

A Test News Post

News goes well with a strong cup of coffee.  Though lacking scientific study, independent studies show that a fresh brewed tincture of ground coffee beans combined with any news medium increases overall global awareness.  Yet studies also show that readily available News medium choices should be broad and varying in stark contrast to a coffee drinker’s particular preference to a coffee brand as to gain an “averaged” sense of what is going on in today’s news world.  Seriously, this is just a test.

Peskotomuhkati Motahkomikuk