Tribal Clerk/Census

The Tribal Clerk/Census Coordinator serves both Tribal Community
and Tribal Government through preparation, maintenance, and dissemination of
official Tribal documents such as Tribal Council minutes (past and present) and
upcoming Tribal Agendas.  This is done either by official Tribal Government notifications or by request of the community.  Municipal documents, such as vital records (Death, Marriage, and Birth Certificates), issuance  of dog licensing, Tribal Genealogy Research and all Notary services are offered and reported to the State of Maine Office
of Vital Statistics when appropriate.

The Tribal Clerk, a State of Maine Registrar, performs registrations and re-registrations of all motor vehicle, ATV, watercraft and trailers for the Indian Township Reservation.

The Tribal Clerk also prepares and conducts all Tribal, State, and Federal elections according to respective agency regulations.

Denise Polches – Tribal Clerk / Census Coordinator

Telephone: (207)796-6101, Fax: (207)796-2640


Peskotomuhkati Motahkomikuk