The purpose of the Passamaquoddy Education and Training Program is to assist Tribal Members in obtaining his/her educational goals to benefit Self, Family, and Community through ample support and experienced guidance.  Secondary to this, the Education department determines and prioritizes both present and upcoming Tribal employment needs by identifying prospective students who are interested in pursuing these careers and informing, not influencing, each potential student.  This Education and Training department will provide financial assistance through monies provided by the Tribal Council as well as the Bureau of Indian Affairs as intended for higher education purposes.

All financial assistance is intended for all books, fees, clothing and tools required by the course material, subsistence and other miscellaneous expenses that may be directly related to the achievement of our Tribal Students’ educational goals.

Nora Deschaine Education Director

Telephone: (207)796-6102, Fax: (207)796-5256 

Peskotomuhkati Motahkomikuk